1820-1860 Ireland

Cailynne Hoelscher & Hallie Majka

Ireland in 1820 was full of poor farmers who had little income and barley any land. The only way they could survive was to basically live off of potatoes. When the potato crops failed for three straight years it led to the potato famine. Over 750,000 people died during that time which pushed the people of Ireland out of their own country to find a better place to immigrate to. Over two million Irish immigrated to the U.S to seek relief from the hardships they were having back home. In America there were plenty of job opportunity's for the Irish immigrants to pursue. The many job opportunity's and better living situations is what pulled the Irish people to America. In the 1840's Irish made up almost half of the citizens in the U.S. Today there are more Irish Americans then there are Irish nationals.