"Masque of The Read Death"


There is a huge party during the time the "red death" plague was killing people, in a abby were a ruler had taken refuge with his closest in command and friends. It was a masked party, and someone showed as the "red death."


The plot is that someone who know one knows  who he is, at a time when people are on stress because of a plague, and he shows up dressed representing the plague, and the king decided to kill the person, buit it was not a person.


A huge mysterious party, during a dark time. In a huge abby, with multiple rooms, most of them are beautiful rooms, except for one dark room everyone stays away from. Everyone enjoys them selves, but is very suspicious of what is going on.


Random fill. A ruler, and his gaurd. The mysterious guest, who know one knows, and is not fond of. The king organizes a big party, he invites a lot of people, most of them are not known, there is also the kings gaurd. The last character is the mysterious "red death" who the king wants to kill, because he represents a plague terrorizing the world.

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