By: Mitchell McNamara

Definition of Blindness: It is when you can't see; most of the time if you are blind you have silver irises.  

Interesting Facts:

1.Most of the time if you are blind your irises are silver.  

2.If you are blind it increases your senses of hearing or smell.  

3.An estimated 120 million are visually impaired because of uncorrected refractive errors.

4.90% of visually impaired people live in low- and middle-income countries.

5.An estimated 82 % of all people with blindness are over 50 years old.

What Causes It?

Blindness can happen in many ways for example decease, accidents, and being born that way.  There are so many diseases that can cause blindness I don't dare try to name them.  Accidents that cause blindness happen at construction sites all day long.  There are many reasons that you may be born blind; this happens more often in males.  Age is another of many reasons why you may become blind.  Some poisons are also a cause of blindness.  Now you know some of the many reasons of blindness.  

Symptoms: A symptom that you are going blind is slow, constant vision lost.  When an accident happens that causes blindness usually it is instantly.  The symptoms can vary very easily if you have a disease that causes blindness.  Age related blindness can vary in speed.  For some diseases very itchy eyes can be a symptom that the disease is starting to cause blindness.  

Organization Example: A organization that helps the blind is AFB; they help by making schools, jobs, and communities.  They have an organization (AFBLC) to help build leadership skills.  AFBLC was started by Josephine L. Taylor.  AFB was Founded in 1921, the American Foundation for Blind has spent nearly a century ensuring that individuals who are blind or visually impaired have access to the information, technology, education, and legal resources they need to live independent and productive lives.  AFB was created through the support of M.C. Migel, a philanthropist who wanted to help the all of veterans that became blind in World War I.  That is all I have researched about  AFB.

Why is it important for people to know about my topic?

It is important for people to know about my topic so they know to help.  Also so they know how to help.  Another reason is they know where they can go to help.  So that they can identify the blind and help them.  The last reason is so they know what to do to help prevent themselves from becoming blind.  

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