Danielle Groves

March 24 2015
Tough Question

I started reading Speak and noticed a Touch Question that why her friends don't talk to her and hate her. It starts off when she is the only one sitting by herself on the bus. Then Melinda talks about how all her "friends" are split Rachel was her best friend too. I didn't expect the book to start out sounded so horrible. Normally, books I read start out that the character's life is started out good and normal. Over time the actions in the book get worse. I would like to know why she doesn't have friends anymore. The book says she had friends!

Word of the Wiser
March 25 2015

I decided that the Art teacher shows words of the wiser. Mel is in Art class when Mr. Freeman is talking about find your soul and heart. I feel like it is going to show up somewhere in the book.I think that it will play a big part in the book. I don't think the author would put this in the book and spend time on it if it was an important part of the book. Also, Mr. Freeman has the students pick a piece of paper out of the globe and have them put there own creativity on the thing they picked out of the globe. They have to spend the whole year figuring out how they want to put there own part of life to it. I think this is going to be a big part since in the book it doesn't show the assignment being a small one day assignment.

Memory Moment
March 26 2015

I picked to do memory moment because Mel is at the pep rally and getting introduced to Heather's new friends. Some girls asked if she was the one who called the police at the party last summer. I didn't want to remember it but she did. Even though it was a in depth memory I still thought it was a memory moment. I would like to know why she called the police. She doesn't seem like the type of person to just call the police. I honestly think something might have happened during the party that might have made her or made her want to call the police.

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