Wolves can sprint 36-38 mph, they have 42 teeth, and they can live up to 10-16 years. Wolves have lots of threats, they hunt for food together in a group, and they are carnivores, meaning that they are meat eaters. These are just some of the facts about wolves. There are a lot more.

        Wolves have lots of various threats. Other wolves can be dangerous because when the wolves are fighting for food or territory, other wolf packs can be dangerous. Humans destroying the homes of wolves in the forest can also be harmful because if wolves are currently living in a deserted area, if that home gets destroyed, it will be hard for wolves to find and create a new shelter. Moose/Elk can be a threat. The Moose and elk won’t actually attack the wolves but when they are protecting their young, a kick could instantly injure a wolf. Those are threats that wolves have.

      Wolves do their hunting in groups called packs. The main members of the pack are the adult male and female because their bred young can join the parents in hunting when they are about 12 weeks old. Wolf packs mainly have about 6-7 wolves because when wolves find food, and if there are too many wolves in one pack, each wolf gets less food. Wolves can actually have up to about 36 wolves, but that would mean less food for each wolf. Wolves do they’re hunting in groups to have more defense from threats. That’s why wolves do things together.

      Wolves are carnivores, which means they are meat eaters. Wolves eat quickly because if there is some sort of threat around, such as other wolf packs or humans, they eat their food quick so they can quickly avoid threats. This will actually decrease the chance of another wolf pack attacking. Wolves can eat a lot at once. Wolves can survive on 2.5 pounds of food a day, but wolves can eat up to 24 pounds a day. Wolves eat and hunt together, also to protect themselves from threats such as other hungry wolf packs. This will also decrease the chances of attack. This is how wolves eat their food.

    Wolves have lots of threats, hunt together in a group called the pack, and they are carnivores, which means that they are meat eaters. Wolves can also sprint 36-38 mph, they have 42 teeth, and they can live up to 10-16 years. This is why I like wolves.


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