Day 1

Civil War Journal

Today I am going to start working for the Union. I'm a spy helping them. My first job is to pretend to be a nurse or chef helping the Confederacy in the war. But I will actually put poison in the food or medicine to make them sick. I will pretend to be helpful and nice. After I have found out information I will return to the Union and tell them everything I know. My name is Elizabeth and I am 23 years old. I have a husband and 2 kids. We lived in a big house in California. I never owned slaves and me and my whole family were abolitionists. I hate slavery so much that I decided to do something about it and join the Union in the Civil War. I had a great education and am very smart. I think that the Union will win this war. However, I am very nervous for the hard days that will come.

Day 2

Man general Bobatha is going to get us as fit as a fiddle.

Yeah no kidding im whipped after I ran that block

I agree, general bobatha made me shoot countless hornets

He better not be tight next training

Oh yess or else i don’t want to be in the top rail #1.

Grab a root I am going into starvation. FOOD Bully!!!!!!!

I can not stand general bobatha’s fit to be tied

Oh yes he is so oddly strange and he never gives us food.

I need an arkansas toothpick for my roots.

Day 3

Dear Mom,

Today I took this picture of the amazing house I have at camp. I know that it isn't that great but to me it's wonderful. I have a cozy shelter and food. I stay here with other nurses and see the injured. I don't help them but I have discovered information about the Confederacy already! Hopefully, I will be back in the North soon to give the information I got and visit. Sometimes however, people are punished severely and embarrassed if they are rude. Anyways, see you soon.

Love, Elizabeth

Day 4

Today I interviewed Jeremiah a soldier in the Civil War. These are my questions..

Jeremiah, what were thinking would happen when you were shot? Did you think you could die?

I thought that I would be taken prisoner or be very injured. I definitely thought there was a small chance that I could die.

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

I wish I could have had more of an impact on the world and been a very important soldier and helped many people.

Day 5

I decided that after listening to Civil war music I should wrote my own song.

Marching down the old broken road

Walking past all the mold which is gold

Marchin' all day long

Please get up and sing along

Day 6

Dear Dad,

I am having a great time today at camp with friends. I never knew I could have fun at war. For now i'm in the North but will be returning South soon. For fun I play cards and chat with others. I also sometimes cook food. My favorite recipe is fish with corn. I catch fish from the nearest river, cook it, and cover it with corn.


Day 7

I have seen horrible diseases today. Most people are dying from amputations. The doctors don't clean supplies and the rooms aren't clean. There is dirty water and the doctors don't wash there hands. There are fleas, mosquitoes, and other deathly bugs. I have helped amputate and the soldier was screaming in pain. There are infections and diseases like the flu and pink eye. I am afraid I might get sick. I'm praying for the soldiers.

Day 8

Dear family,

I have had a horrible time fighting in the war. I will never be able to get the images of the injured soldiers out of my head. I have cried and struggled but got decent information from the South and gave it to the North. I can't say that the war was even close to easy but it was worth it. The union won the war! I'm home now. I'm staying with my friend in Illinois until I have better transportation to get to California. I'll be able to see you in about an hour. When I first got home there was cheering, sobbing, tears of joy, laughs, and people who were just depressed. Many have lost loved ones and I'm so lucky that I haven't lost anyone close to me. The war was horrible and tragic. Now that's its over, I'm taking nothing for granted.

Can't wait to see you guys, Elizabeth

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