The Women In The Snow
Inference Chart

I predict that it might be a sad story. I also think that it is going to be a rasicm story.

" You know I cant stand being a chauffeur for a bunch of colored maid and cooks,". I think that kind of races to other people's. (257)

"Go on home, now. You young gals get hysterical over a little Fever." He was mean to the girl and the baby and after that they both froze to death.(260)

"Death hadn't altered her desperation."(261)  I think this mean that she is still mad at Grady for not letting her in.

My thought haven't change yet because it still say that Grady did not let her ride if she did not have money.

"Come on, now, get out of the cold," (264) This is different because Ray let her in and she did and I think Ray show that he care about other people with different colored.

"You're all paid up." (265) I think this mean that he want to help her and to not be like the other people that don't care about her.

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3 years ago

Michael, you have good quotes here but you have not said what this quotes make you think, or infer. Add this information before you add any more quotes. Also, please be clear about your first prediction. What quote did you use?

3 years ago

good job!