The Warsaw Ghetto


The occupants of one room in the Warsaw Ghetto

-October 16th, 1940 Hans Frank, a senior Nazi, ordered establishment of a ghetto after his successful invasion in Poland

-November 16th the ghetto was sealed off

-Enclosed by 10 foot wall topped with barbed wire and also heavily guarded

-Largest ghetto in Nazi-occupied Europe

-Around 400,000 Jews were in the ghetto. It was 1.3 square miles with an average of 7 people per room.

- Adam Czerniakow wrote "Children starved to death.." as people only got 186 calories per day

-100,000 people died from starvation or disease

The Uprising

The Nazi soldiers watch their fire rush over the Warsaw Ghetto

- April 19, 1943 uprising started after German troops and police entered the ghetto to deport surviving inhabitants

- Newspaper Report: "Germans bombarded ghetto with firebombs...Fewer than 100,000 people lined up at concentration points [to be sent to be killed] and 20,000 fought against the German Nazis."

- Nazis walked in the ghetto and shot anyone they saw, and 55,000 people were killed in the uprising

-Anyone found alive after the uprising was sent to Treblinka and killed.

- End of May, Warsaw Ghetto ceased to exist

- In the city, there was less than 6% of the population left before the revolt


People of the Warsaw Ghetto being deported for extermination

- The uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto inspired other ghettos to revolt

-  One of the causes of the extermination camps

- Was the early stages of all of the concentration camps, and Hitler's totalitarian reign

People being deported for extermination

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