How to Write for Kindle

Write a non-fiction book in 72 hours or less

Share your passion, your hobby, your experience, and knowledge by writing a Kindle book and then selling it!

Best-selling author, Nancy Hendrickson, shares her tips and techniques for quickly writing a quality non-fiction book and then publishing it on the Kindle platform.

In How to Write for Kindle, Hendrickson, the author of more than a dozen print books, guides writers through the creation process. In Section I you'll discover  simple outlining tips (not like in high school!), how to research quickly and how to pick the most profitable niche; in Section II she shows authors how to successfully navigate and maximize the Amazon Kindle program by picking the best categories, getting reviews and creating beautiful covers.  

If you've always wanted to see your name on a book, the Kindle platform has made it possible. Pick up your copy of How to Write for Kindle today and see your name in the Amazon store next week.

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