233 items that are money makers. Get access to the list Need your gmail only and it will cost you $20 for this list. It is great items on here buying things for less than $5 and selling for 3x or more.  I do add more when I can if I get enough buyers I can add more and more I have several list I can pull from. But they cost money Like $100 a month together I can get in some of them  and get the info to make more  list. It is a Google sheet so you will have access on your phone anytime while shopping.  Make sure it is a Gmail you put in the messages. This is the first of many list I hope. Trying to do this like a coop we all pay something and I will do the list So if you pay for this list it will let me make another list then you pay for that list and so on.  Beats paying by yourself monthly group. This is a high grade list killer profits.

Danielle Mangum

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