Ancient China

Ancient China

The Sui Dynasty

The Sui Dynasty arose when the Disunion period ended. A leader named Wendi and his son ruled the dynasty. The Sui were know for their development of Bureaucracy and the building of the Grand Canal. This canal allowed for the transportation of ideas and different items around China. The Sui did not last long as their military campaigns failed and it lead to the fall of the Sui Dynasty.

The Tang Dynasty

During the Tang Dynasty many improvements were made to China civilization. Gao-Tzu the leader of the Tang Dynasty at first focused on building on the main principles of  the Sui dynasty. The Tang improved, writing, army dominance, strong government, and the religious standards. They lasted from 618-907. Almost three hundred years.

The Song Dynasty

The Song were another successful dynasty in that many improvements were made. A schooling system was composed and tests were used to judge the students. They also focused on Confucianism and students were tested a lot on it. The north was still a problem for the Song Dynasty. The Jin Dynasty was from above them in the North and the Song would never be able to take over the North.

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