This is Tennessee state map.

Welcome everybody! On this webpage we will be learning about Tennessee's popular attractions, historical landmarks, physical features, and food.

Travel information

From Nashville, TN, to Atlanta, GA, it is 249 miles and takes 4 hours 3 minutes. You need a full tank.


The average temperature in April is 70 degrees. I would take shorts and a T-shirt. (Maybe bring a light sweater).

Historical Landmarks

Blount mansion.

Blount Mansion is a four bedroom house that was built in 1972. It's a regular house today but used to be a mansion.

Physical Feature

Fall Creek Falls

Fall Creek Falls is located at 2009 Village Camp Road, Pikeville, TN. These are magnificent natural falls.  It has the most amazing activities such as biking, boating, weddings, hiking, and golf.

Popular Attraction

Elvis Presley museum.
  • The picture above is from Elvis Presley museum. It has some of his personal items such as shirts, pictures, and so on. You must come and see the fascinating home of Elvis Presley.


Arnolds Country Kitchen.

This is located at 605 8th Ave., Nashville, TN. The steak is the most juicy steak you would taste. It has a flavor which is one in a million.

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