My Future Career

Career: Fashion Designer (Clothes)

By: ER

How To Become A Fashion Designers

You have to take training for sewing.You have to have a bachelors degree. Some of the programs are three to four years long. You'll have to study drawing, sewing and know how to craft the dress. You have to go to fashion design schools.

Career Salary

Fashion designers get paid $64,530 per year.

Job Requirements

I will buy fabric to make the clothes. I will have to sketch the dress. I will sew the fabric to make clothes. They make their own designs. They have to make a clothes line. They have to put their clothes in stores. They may make their own store and sell their stuff there. They might sell their clothes online.


They wear everyday clothes. They might wear their own clothes line. They wear a pin cushion on their wrist. They might wear a measuring tape around their neck.

Special Tools

A fashion designer needs to have types of fabric to make the clothing. They need a dress form to make dress sizes. They need a tape measure.

This is why I chose this career