Career Research Project

Evan Emerick

1.) You need to be patient when it comes to making your art.

2.) You need to have steady hands so your artwork turns out the best it can be.

3.) You need to be confident with what you make and sell.

You need to have at least an Associates Degree.

The school that would be good for me is Illinois Central College because it isn't a crowded and it is good for someone like me because I don't like being places in which there are a ton of people there. It would give me room to do the activities that I enjoy. I could take art but I could also play basketball for that schools because the school

A quote that i like to live by is "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."-Kevin Durant. I like this quote because it talks about how that if you work hard it beats talent and eventually that hard work becomes talent.

"He has won awards as an art educator, and he has won awards at many judged art exhibitions. His work is whimsical in nature. Perhaps this comes from his many years of teaching elementary school art." This shows that if you work hard at something you can do whatever you want to do in your specific career. He has won awards and he is a great educator he can teach from kindergarten to college level classes.

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