Kayla lago

my name is kayla lago i am 14 years old and im a freshman in high school and i have 2 sisters and 2 brothers i live with my dad i visit my mom sometimes during the summer it gets pretty boring there but she has internet so it kinda fun.

3  Interesting things about me


One interesting thing about me i love going mudding it pretty fun to do during the summer and i wish one day i can get my own four-wheeler i would want it to be a blue or navy color.


The second thing interesting  about me is i wanna play soccer one of these days or when i get older i wanna be in a sport but im not aloud to my dad said that i get hurt to much so im not aloud too play soccer.


the third interesting thing  like ferrets i have two there names are ally and scooter they are funny and entertaining animals to have they might stink but its pretty easy to take care of and their food is pretty cheap to they can either eat cat for or ferret food.

my goals

My first goal is that i wanna get my home work done on time like while im in school so i wouldn't have homework that night so i can get some sleep.

My second goal is i wanna lose like 10 pounds before next summer starts and how i will accomplish this goal is i will watch what i eat and walk around a lot and run.

My third goal is i want to pass 9th grade and be prepared for school everyday and for my classes and to remember where my classes are and to remember what my combination for my locker.

The place i would like to live

i would love to live in florida when i get older it is so beautiful and warm there and i wanna go swimming in the ocean but i don't want to get ate by a shark or a whale.

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