Hawaii-The Aloha State

Elsie Sieberg

Where to Stay

There are 6 different islands to choose from when deciding where you would like to stay on your trip to the Hawaiian islands. Travel Agents and previous guests can help you determine which island would best fit your agenda and help you get all that you desire out of your trip. O'ahu is the best place to go if you're focused on the food, beaches and museums, while the big island, Hawaii, is best for hiking, culture and wildlife. There are endless choices of hotels, resorts and spas, and even beach bungalows, on each island.

Where to Dine

O'ahu, Maui, and Kaua'i are best known for the food they offer there, and each island has some popular restaurants that you don't want to miss. O'ahu has several different Japanese restaurants including Imanas Tei and Nanzan Girogiro. Kaua'i has Casablanca, a high end, Italian, can't-miss restaurant. Maui also has American style places to offer, the Hula Grill and Barefoot Bar and Cafe O'Lei, as well as Mama's Fish House and the Waterfront Restaurant to satisfy your seafood cravings with only the highest quality.

What to See and Do

Aside from the plentiful, gorgeous beaches and beautiful water found at and around each island, there are many other pass times, as well. Hawai'i, Maui, and Kaua'i are all well known for the hiking adventures that can be found there, varying from easy strolls to intense back country treks. O'ahu is known for it's museums and Lana'i has a vast history just waiting to be learned. Molokai'i has adventure around every corner, with the world's tallest sea cliff's, rain forests, hidden waterfalls and deserted beaches just beckoning to be explored.

Where to Eat

Looking for a more casual place to grab lunch or not in the mood for fine dining tonight but still want a good meal? Then you're not to worry, there is no shortage of simple cafe's here. Kaua'i alone has many, including the Mermaid Cafe, Hamura Saimin, and Kalaheo Cafe.

Where to Shop

Each island has numbers of places to shop, from traditional tourist souvenirs and gifts, to the fashion and accessories of the locals. Kaua'i and O'ahu have the largest number and most wide variety of places to shop. While on O'ahu you could visit the Ward Warehouse shopping center, which offers a vast array of products and shops including Native books, Gourmet foodstuffs, handmade jewelry, authentic Hawaiian quilts and of course no shortage of Aloha shirts. Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you have to cleanse yourself of your favorite therapy.

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