Jennifer Huynh- Core 2

Calming meditation~

During the Meditation period, we did three activities. The first activity we tried was where we would posture up, let all of our thoughts go and just relax. To keep our minds of things, we would take deep breaths. We would inhale through our nose for three seconds, and then exhale through our mouths. During our second activity we laid down and Mr. Halkuff told us a story. During the story Mr. Halkuff taught us to keep growing the good things and let all the bad things go. Finally, during our third activity Mr. Halkuff put us to sleep with a Guided Meditataton. Their was a lady that was trying to put us to sleep with a relaxing wave moving trough our body.

Before the Meditation, I was feeling really stressed out from all the drama and my family. There was so much going on in my mind. But when we started the activities, I felt really calm and relaxed, like everthing horrible was just... gone. I would definitiley try meditating on my own again because, sometimes I would just have so much on my mind I just want to let it all go.


Meditation- when you let all of your thoughts go, and just relax.

Mantra- a calming sound you make while meditating. (Ex. Ohmg...)

Deep Breathing- When you take a deep breath and inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth.

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