Slendor loris

It is located in Southern Asia.

What does your animal look like

The slender loris has big eyes for night vision,and catching bugs. it's also very small only the size of a chipmunk with pencil thin arms and legs for leaping. It has a short stubby tail hard to see, you think it's just the body.its lower jaw is pretty small. It has a round head with large ears for hearing bugs. it's fingers have small finger nails. It's nose is white and the body fur is made up of these colors

Black brown gray dirty white

What does your animal eat

It is an omnivore but it is mostly a carnivore because it prefers bugs rather than plantshhnd occasions eats eggs and nestlings.

What eats your animal

Felids raptors genets civets eagle owls and python

It's an omnivore but it is mostly carnivore because it prefers bugs rather than plantshhd

    These are some animals in the rain forest ecosystem?

        Harpy eagle,proboscis monkey, Martin, common palm civet, dawn bat, it is a what what is your ecosystem like average temperature precipitation seasons?

Hills there range from 73lm to 1036 in elevation. 80 Fahrenheit coldest month -18 Celsius.

      Where is your ecosystem located list Country continent latitude and longitude?

Slender Loris is located in southern Asia?

What animals live in your ecosystem eight animals?

Harpy eagle,proboscis monkey,Martin,common palm civet, Bengal tiger, orangutan, samatrun rhino.


Bengal bamboo, durian, Jambu, kapok tree, taulang.

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