5 Photo Story

Clayton Geisinger


Kevin didn’t like school, but he loved his weekends.

Kevin and his friends had big plans for the weekend.

They planned to play NBA 2k15 and ping pong until the sunrise.

Once school was finally over they all headed to Kash’s house, where they then got their weekend started.

When the a.m. was amongst these hood-rat hoodlums, Kevin awoke to find kash passed out on the couch.

As I watched Kash awkwardly sleep there, I heard a painful moan come out.

I quickly turned around to see nothing there.

I heard the painful moaning noise again, and to my surprise, I see Nick laying on the ground.

He had broken his arm last night playing ping pong.

Nick was quickly rushed to the hospital.

Nick told Kash, Kevin, and I that he was going for a backhand save and tripped and his arm went into the wall.

Nick was feeling a lot better, and came out of surgery, but he was suppose to stay over night.

Kash, Kevin, and I headed back to Kash’s.

We were all scared to play ping pong until Nick sent us a motivation snapchat!

Nick said “never give up on your dreams.”

With Nick’s touching and motivational words, we started to play again.

The next day, we hit the road for the ping pong national championship.

Kash and I were the partners, while Kevin was our manager.

We were all stoked, even though it was going to be an 8 hour drive.

We all needed to use the restroom, so we stopped at a local convenient store.

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