Sea Turtle Conservancy

Charity Info:

"Ensuring the survival of sea turtles within the Wider Caribbean basin and Atlantic."


Overall: 93.68/100

Financial: 91.07/100

Accountability & Transparency: 100.00/100

Donation Info:

"For as little as $5 a month - about the price of your favorite cup of coffee - you can help sustain and strengthen Sea Turtle Conservancy's work in the United States, Costa Rica, Panama, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. Become a Turtle Guardian today and provide critical resources to support science-based conservation programs. Turtle Guardians are a group of dedicated supporters like you who make regular monthly gifts."

Donation Choice Info:

Donation Plan: $10,000 Donation

Why: It seems reasonable enough to donate the maximum they suggested and see what they can do with the money i donated. If it seems as if it is making a difference then more donation can be made, but $10,000 is definitely a good start.


Summary: This article shows how the charity not only look out for the endangered sea turtles but also more minor issues such as stray dogs needing to be neutered.

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