Vanity Fair Themes

Women's Rights

In Vanity Fair, you can easily see that women don't have many rights. They did not get to choose who they wanted to marry, and once they were married they were expected to have kids and stay at home and take care of them. They are expected to be proper and very feminine, which is what Amelia was sent to school to learn.

Social Class

In this time, class had a huge effect on how your life would turn out, especially for the women. If you were born into a wealthy family, you were taken care of. Your parents would arrange a marriage for you so you would not end up poor. Because Becky was poor and didn't have parents, she has to try to find a wealthy husband on her own.

Men and Masculinity

The men in this novel and time period have to show their masculinity. They have to prove that they are gentlemen. Some try to prove it by their wealth, such as Joseph, and others by their character, such as Dobbin.