Aylenne Garcia

Aquatic Science Boat Project

The Assignment

This weeks assignment in Aquatic Science class was to build a boat and compete against student groups for the prize of bragging rights. Students were to research how to make a boat, using the cheapest material possible, and their boats must be able to sustain a load equal  to or heavier than itself . The initial load of 200 grams was the standard and all boat must float with that minimum weight.

The class cheers Aylene on !

Aylene decided to make her boat of paper, which was actually the cheapest material students could use to make a boat, per the rules for the boat design.  The genius of her boat design was the size, length and width of her material; this allowed her boat to carry four times the weight of her boat.  She inspired the whole class, watch at how her design lends to collaboration and support of student success.

I am proud of Aylene because she struggled. She struggles through a lot of things in school but she didn't give up. She made a plan, stuck to it, and did a better job than 126 students on her assignment. She inspired the class, to give more than just a little and at the end you can see the faces of the students around her, rooting her on. This moment is one of the highlights of my career. Not because I thought that she couldn't, but that she did and beat everyone else who tried.  

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