Rivers & Lakes

By: A.Robles

This is a picture of the source of the Mississippi River.

1 .A Flood Plain is...

A flood plain is the flat part along the sides of a river.

Our water shed is very important because Fairfield is in a drought. Rain please drop!!!!!

2.A Watershed is...

A watershed is where an area of high water goes to low and empties out into a bigger body of water.

When I found this picture, it says that this lake is great for fishing.

3.A Mouth Is...

A mouth is the beginning of a lake or river.

This is a picture of a really long delta

4.A Delta is....

A delta is sediment deposited where a river flows into an ocean or lake that builds a land form.

Great basins look a lot like a lake

5.A Great Basin Is...

A Great Basin is a watershed where the water doesn't flow into a bigger body of water.

Sorry, this one shows more than the divide

6.A Divide Is...

A divide is mountains or valleys that separate watersheds and rivers.

7.Headwaters Are...

Headwaters are extreme upper reaches of a stream.

The person who had taken this picture was walking around and found this place.

9.A Downriver Is...

A downriver is the place between headwaters and flood plain.

This tributary kind of looks like an octopus.

10.Tributary Means...

A stream/river that flows into a mainstream.

These are the headwaters of the Mississippi River.

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