jump photo
by trae pecinovsky

1. What actions did you use? why did you use them? I used color adjustment and brightness and vibrance, I used them because I like how it makes the wood brighten and how it brings the color out and makes it look sharp.

2. How did you make this assignment your own? Why did you take the photo you took? I made it my own because it was my idea and my sister helped me and I set it all up. I took the photo I photo I took because I thought it would turn out great and work just well.

3. What would you change about your photo? I would change maybe a different angle to take the photo maybe editing change a little bit. Also maybe get her to jump higher.

4. What do you really like about your photo? I really like the editing and how the wood floor sticks out and it just makes everything els brighter and stick out.

5. Whose photo from last week did you like the best? I really liked alyssas and the way she edited and took the photo.