Communication Arts II
Mrs. Hartman
Room 506  
816-736-5340, ext. 2303

Welcome to our class! This course is designed to help you become successful in developing all communication skills -- thinking, writing, reading, viewing and speaking. We will develop our reading skills, analyze literature, and refine our writing techniques.

Course Goals:

This year we will work together to learn the following:

1. Developing independent reading skills.

2. Recognizing, defining, and using literary vocabulary terms.

3. Refining writing skills, including organizing and revising.

4. Developing an understanding for all literary genres, including: short stories, poetry, novels, drama, fiction, and non-fiction.

5. Writing in a clear, professional manner.

6. Speaking and listening more effectively.

What we  will be reading:

Fahrenheit 451, Of Mice and Men, Julius Caesar, and multiple short stories, non-fiction articles, and poetry

Classroom Expectations:

1. Bring the required materials to class every day (your Mac fully charged, a notebook, and a writing utensil)

2. Be respectful of yourself, others, and your classmates.

3. Be on time and be prepared for class.

4. Do your best and ask for help when needed.

5. Turn in all assignments in on time.


All students are expected to complete assignments in a timely manner. Daily assignments will receive 60% credit when turned in late. Unit assignments cannot be turned in for credit after the unit has been completed. (Example: homework assignments for a unit on science fiction cannot be turned in after the science fiction test.) For projects and essays, a 10% deduction will be reduced from the grade for each day the assignment is late.

Grades will be calculated using total points. The following grading scale will be used in  CAII:

A= 90-100%     B=80-89%    C=70-79%   D=60-69%    F=0-59%

If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to check the class Blackboard for assignments. I will not track you down when you are absent; you must be responsible for your getting your work. If you miss a quiz or test in class, you must see Mrs. Hartman during Liberty Hour to schedule a time to take your quiz.

If you fail a test or quiz, you may be required to take another assessment to show you have learned the learning objectives. Students who fail a quiz or test will schedule a time with Mrs. Hartman during Liberty Hour to reassess learning objectives.


All classroom handouts, notes, and lessons will be posted daily on Blackboard. It is your responsibility to check Blackboard for all class updates. Technology needs to be used in the classroom for only purposes related to the lesson. Games, Twitter, Facetime, online shopping, and texting are NOT permitted in the classroom. Technology will be included in many of our daily lessons; it needs to be used in a respectful manner that helps you learn.

This is going to be a great year!

If you ever need any help outside of class, Liberty Hour A on Mondays is the best time to find me. I am also available before and after school, if needed.

Mrs. Hartman's Schedule:

1st-3rd hours: Administrative Intern. My office is located in the main office. Feel free to stop in here before school if you have a question.

4th Hour: Planning Period. I am available for help during this time, just please let me know ahead of time.

5th Hour: CAII, Room 506

6th and 7th hours: Advanced Senior Literature and Composition, Room 506

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