Renaissance and Reformation Project

By: Kylie Wakefield

  • William Shakespeare -
  • Martin Luther -
  • Leonardo da Vinci -

William Shakespeare

Time Line of his Life:

  • 1564 - Baptized April 26. There is no real record of his birth.
  • 1582 - William Married, Anne Hathaway of  Shottery, Stratford.
  • 1593- Began writing Sonnets after the London Theater closed due to Black Death.
  • 1598 - Finance the building of the Globe Theater.
  • 1600 -  The first production of Julius Caesar in the Globe Theater.
  • 1613 - Fire Burns down Globe Theater.
  • 1614 - the 2nd Globe Theater was built.
  • 1616- Death of William Shakespeare April 23rd.

List of Accomplishments

1. Wrote 154 Sonnets, 38 plays, and 2 narratives throughout his life.

2. Another great accomplishment or Shakespeare's was his family. He had two daughters and a son, with his wife Anne Hathaway.

3. He helped with the shaping and establishing the English language.

4.He invented many words, terms and phrases used in his many theatrical performances.

5. He built a theater, known as the Globe Theater, where his shows were later preformed after his death.

Martin Luther

Time Line of his life:
  • 1483 - Born in Eisleben on November 10th
  • 1505 - Became a Monk in Erfurt
  • 1517 - Nailed the 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church
  • 1521 - Was outlawed and exiled to the Wartburg
  • 1522 - Returned to Wittenberg
  • 1525 - Married Katharina von Bora
  • 1534 - Published the complete Bible in German
  • 1546 - Died in Eisleben on February 18th

List of Accomplishments

1. Martin Luther was taught that the bible was the authority of the church, and that he was to trust in Jesus and the bible. But he than later found himself criticizing the Pope for selling indulgences. Which later lead him to find Christianity for himself.

2. He wrote the 95 theses of Contention and nailed it to the door of the Castle Church.

3.Leader of the Protestant Reformation, or religious movement.

4.In 1520 he published 3 books describing his understanding of Christianity

5.He translated the Bible into German. The old and new testaments.

Leonardo da Vinci

Time Line of his life:

  • 1452 - Born on April 15th near the town of Vinci.
  • 1472 - At age 20 Leonardo was accepted into the painters guild of Florence.
  • 1482- Leonardo moves to Milan to work for the city's Duke.
  • 1495 -  Leonardo begins working on The Last Supper.
  • 1498 - The Last Supper was finished.
  • 1500 - He returns to Florence.
  • 1516 - The king of France invites Leonardo to come and work for him.
  • 1519 - Leonardo died May 2nd in France.

List of Accomplishments

1. He painted The Last Supper  which is one of the most famous,religious paintings of all time.

2. Another one of his famous paintings was the Mona Lisa, one of the most celebrated portraits ever.

3. In 1490 Leonardo da Vinci improved the oil lamp. He did not invent it because that was done during the medieval times but he did improve in by enclosing the flame in a glass tube. His idea helped the flame to burn steadier than open container lamps.

4. Leonardo helped with Anatomy and the Movement of the Body. Like with the Study of Corpses, he was the first man to know the correct shape of the spine and the pelvic tilt.

5. He helped provide new ways of art and painting styles.