The Seven Themes of
Catholic Social Teaching
By: Ashton

Life and Dignity of The Human Person

You should care for Humans and other Life. You should treat others as you would like to be treated. That is the golden rule. It falls in with this because you should care for everyone around you and there is a chance that they will be nice back!

Care of Creation help all living things from the United States all the way to Kenya. They read stories from the bible in Kenya and they help trees. They try to stop people from cutting down trees. They sell picture of the wildlife they see to raise money for many place in Kenya, Tanzania, and the United States.

Care for God's Creation

We should care for all of God's creation. Wether it is a plant to humans. God created everything. So, we should love everything.

This organization rescues dogs that have been bait in Dog fights and are abused. They also have saved dogs that have been left outside with no food or water. They put the dogs up for adoption after they are healed and get all of their shots. They care for hundreds to thousands of dogs(they care for dogs all over the United States). This organization also helps people who have just got out of jail and can't get a good job.

Call to Family, Community, and Participation

Many people are social some people are not. How we shape society is based on out actions. We should make sure that rule are fair for everyone. People should have a chance to change the world. There could be that one person out there who has a really good idea, they could change the world like Steve Jobs.  

The ManKind Project are a lot non profit group from all over the world. They help others by building things and doing very good things for charity.

Right and Responsibility

People need many things to live. They should have the right to many things. They should have the right to everything we have. We all have responsibilities too, we have to be kind to one another.

This organization gives people who don't have much money things like food. they also have many community gardens that give them food to give the homeless. They do tours in the gardens. The tours are about why it is important to have gardens and benefits of them.

Option To the Poor and valnerable

We need to think about the poor. We also need to know they need more help than the more We should help them so that they don't suffer and die and they get to live a healthy and wonderful life that they deserve.

This organization helps the people that don't have homes. They help the  get Jobs and money. Then the people can live a happy life they deserve.

The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers

Everyone needs a job for money to get many things. The workers must be protected so they don't get hurt. The works should be treated equally as the others.

This organization helps people without jobs get jobs so that they could have money for food and a house. They help billions of people.


We are all one human family created by God. Me must love people just as God does.

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