Edgar Allan Poe

The Beauty of Suffering

Here’s your list of questions. Just follow the trail of websites and answer the questions on a separate document.

1.) Use the Bing button to find the most dashing picture (in your personal opinion) of Poe.

2.) Use MapQuest to find the address of the Poe Museum.

3.) Pick what you think was the most important or interesting year of Poe’s life. Tell us why you picked that particular year.

4.) Where did Poe’s family first hail from according to the Family Tree on poemuseum.com?

5.) If you’re familiar with Poe’s works, pick one of your favorite stories of his, explaining why you like it and what it means to you. In other words, why did this particular story stick out to you?
***If you aren’t familiar with Poe’s works, pick from “The Raven”, “Annabel Lee”, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, or “The Pit and the Pendulum”, and explain how reading it for the first time affects you.

6.) Based on what you’ve read of Poe’s--whether it be previously or just now--tell me how you think he died. Did he take his own life via overdosing or plummeting out a window? Or did he die of natural causes? Or, was he taken out for his work like so many other iconic men?

7.) Use the next tab to look through some of the Death Theories surrounding Poe, and pick the one you think is most fitting according to the “evidence” given, the year the theory was made and how believable it sounds.

8.) Using the Literary tab, find out who Poe dedicated his story “The Raven” to and why.

9.) According to the text under “Master of the Psychological Horror Story”, why was Poe so much more successful at generating the element of fear in his stories than famous writers like Horace Walpole or Charles Brown?

10.) Finally, use the last tab to take the “Which Poe Story Are You” quiz. It’s a little cheesy, but see if your story pick in question five matches with your quiz result.

11.) Reward yourself for getting through this with a puppy. :)

!~Bonus: Think About It~!

From the Poe quiz result you received to the story you picked, is there any contrast or comparison between the two? Is there something in either of the stories that called to you personally? Some inner struggle you could relate to within the story, be it from a main character or even the struggle Poe went through to publish his works?

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