Phil Jackson

Biography for Mrs. Hemry`s 8th grade Language Arts class made by BL 5th hour

Born in September 17, 1945. In Deer Ledge, Montana

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Five Unique Facts

1. Won 11 championship rings.

2.Coached. (still currently trying to find a team)

3.Played for the Knicks.

4.Won multiple championships.

5. Most rings ever coached.

Family Members important to Persons Life and their relationship

1. Mother

2. Coach

3. Uncle

4. Players


1. 11 rings

2. Coached Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan

3. Coached in college

4. Played for the Knicks

5. Alot of money

Significance of the person

Phil Jackson won the most NBA championship rings and coached the best players

Significance events

1. Fell in love with basketball at a young age

2. Played for the Knicks and in college

What was there childhood like

His childhood wasn't that bad, Two parents in the middle class


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