Get Familiar With Solar Collector Plates

Solar collector is a kind of device that is devoted to absorbing integrated pressurized solar geyser and transferring the heat to the working medium of the product. It is a special kind of heat exchanger, which is designed to exchange the working medium of the solar collector for heat of the sun that is distant from the collector. Solar collector plates are a type of solar collector, which are composed of the heat absorbing plate, shell, transparent cover plate, insulation materials and related components. After being connected to the circulation pipe, heat preservation water tank, solar collector plates can absorb sun energy to heat up and make the water temperature rise. Solar collector plates which use the solar collector system have simple structure, reliable operation, low cost, low heat flow density, which means that the temperature of the working medium is low, the product is safe and reliable, compared with the vacuum tube solar collector, which has confined ability, heat absorption characteristics of the area is large, is the solar energy and building integrated combined with one of the best choice of collector type (vacuum tube device is suitable in the north region where cooler weather is common but Guangdong basically uses flat-plate collectors).

Solar collector plates in the solar energy heater are used in many enterprises and institutions, factories, schools, hotels, hospitals, communities, swimming pools, including organs and other collective units and families), it should be said that in principle all machines that are used to offer the hot water whose temperature is less than100 ℃, can use Solar collector plates as heat sources. Just as mentioned above, solar collector plates are an indispensible part of a solar energy system. These solar collector plates can absorb the sun radiation and turn the heat they get into electricity. On the market, two kinds of solar collector plates are prevailing, though people might not be sure of the differences between them. They are:

Hot absorber solar collector plates

Cold absorber heat pipe solar water heater plates are the plates that absorb heat from the sun and directly utilize the power to heat up the water that is held in a solar water heater. Cold absorber solar collector plates also could be applied to heating the water in other places including swimming pool. These plates are designed and installed with a special insulation that directly uses the light from the sun to make power for water warming.

Cold absorber solar collector plates

Different from the above plates, cold absorber solar heat collector plates are not placed under the sun so they are not exposed to the sunlight directly. Just as their names imply, cold absorber solar collector plates are installed in the shade. However, they are also important for the whole system since cold absorber solar collector plates can help to cool the hot ones so that the hot absorber plates will not overload. (People can make their won hot absorber solar collector plates from aluminum flashing with some small tools that are common in the daily life.) Now, you might be a little clearer about what cold and hot absorber solar collector plates are and what their functions are.

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