Mobile Learning

Apps and Platforms for Educators

  1. "m-learning or mobile learning is defined as "learning across multiple contexts, through social and content interactions, using personal electronic devices.” :page 4. A form of e-learning distance education, m-learners can use mobile device educational technology in many locations at their time convenience" (Wikipedia).
  2. OnPoint Digital Cell Cast: "ONPOINT DIGITAL is a global provider of technology-enabled learning solutions for many of the world’s leading organizations. By offering a superior collection of functionality, customization, extensibility, and security, OnPoint is able to deliver user-optimized learning experiences to its customers' internal and external audiences on their device or platform of choice. Headquartered in Savannah, Georgia, OnPoint has truly pioneered learning technology beyond an online courseware delivery platform into the realm of enterprise mobile, social and game-enabled learning solutions." OnPoint might just be the ideal application for educators to connect with their k-12 class; texting important information such as homework (and related content), deadlines, schedules and announcements.
  3. QR Generators / Readers: such as or, all educators to create QR codes which can be read by many mobile devices. QRs allow teachers to augment their materials with extra data, links or any other web application. One use for QRs in the k-12 context is extending the learning on a fieldtrip - whereby teachers can provide QR codes on objects students are to study.
  4. LearnCast provides mobile access to high quality course content published by experts in addition to the capacity to create for one's self. Such a platform can supplement course lectures and provide another avenue for students to study their subjects.
  5. Layar allows users to create augmented reality for students thereby providing layers of information in physical spaces. A step beyond the QR generator / reader, with Layar students can pan their mobile device over a space and see pertinent information. Such a platform is the ideal app for travel clubs who visit historical and cultural cites.
  6. Clickatell allows users to text to a website and vice versa. This is an important functionality to reduce the tech-gap between students. Further, it is a way for teachers to be confident that students are receiving important information as ensuring students have their preferred form of communication available to them.

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