Over the course of history in this country race has played an integral role in the policies and laws of immigration rights. In 1790 Congress passed the Naturalization Act which denied citizenship to all non-whites. In 1882 the Chinese Exclusion Act barred for 10 years any new Chinese people entering the country and those already here would not receive citizenship. The Act even prohibited any Chinese from marrying any blacks or whites. The Immigration Act of 1917 barred immigration from several Asian countries from around the world.The Native American Indians didn't even win the right for citizenship until the passage of the 1924 Indian Citizenship Act. Even in more recent times the Arizona legislature passed a bill called SB1070 which allowed police officers to stop anyone they felt were in this country illegally and if they couldn't prove it then it would be a criminal offense. Although this has come under great scrutiny. Today's immigrants recognize the history of the accomplishment of previous immigrants in the 19th and 20th centuries. Not only did they also come to this country for work too but they also came to indulge in free public schools which immigrants before them fought for. Which included free English classes and state aid to poor schools that assisted poor and immigrant populations. Now immigration was become a hot button topic both politically and socially. Supporters will state the fact that this country was built on immigrants. That industries like tourism and agriculture thrive on immigrant workers. Detractors would say that they jobs would be lost by the American workers, education system would suffer and crime would increase. With such a range of views it would naturally become a topic that for politicians in certain areas of the country such as border states of Mexico for instance would have to address. The fear and positives are hotly debated in the media and in some cases those views use the media as a tool to use their agenda on the topic.

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