Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe has created some excellent works. He has mysteries, horror stories, short books, and poems. When Poe was eighteen he published his first book. Tamerlane. Edgar developed an interest in writing in his childhood and already had created enough poems to make a book when he was still a young boy.

Edgar attended West Point and wrote more poetry until he went into debt and was thrown out. Poe got married and he was elated. All of the adrenaline inspired him to write a poem for his wife. The poem was named Eulalie.

Poe began writing short stories and found a job as a magazine writer. Messenger became one of the most popular magazines around with Edgar working for them.

Working for the Messenger didn't pay enough for Poe to make a living off of. Therefore, he moved to New York. It was then that Edgar wrote his one and only novel, A Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym.

Edgar had a hard time making a living and continued on by moving to Philadelphia. When in Philadelphia he wrote for many magazines. Even with as many jobs as he had the pay wasn't enough. Poe continued on to write a short story by the name of Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque.

Poe moved back to New York in 1844 and in January of the next year he had his newest creation published. The Raven made Edgar famous. He made more money and two more books. He ran his own magazine for a while until his wife died. He mourned her and was unable to write for months on end. Devastation ended Edgar Allan Poe's career.


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