Mirosława Dyka-Płonka

Mirosława Dyka-Płonka

My learning diary

Creative Use of Tablets in School
European Schoolnet Academy 2015

Module 0 : Introduction
me & my students / classroom / school / town / country

Me and my students
in our English classroom

My school
Liceum Ogólnokształcące
im.Noblistów Polskich

My town
on Google Maps

My town Rydułtowy
in a film made by students

My country
in beautiful pictures

Module 1
Getting started with tablets
at school

Module 1
My answers to Questions 1-3

1. Main reason for using tablets in my classroom is that THEY ARE THERE and as a teacher who wants to learn new things with my students I HAVE NO CHOICE.

2. Whole-school challenges I face are mainly technical ones, e.g. good Internet connection, no back-up from technicians. It happens there is some misunderstanding or depreciation of using tablets as educational devices in senior high school by co-teachers. Thus - there is no co-operation within the school.

3. Classroom challenges I face are: timing (some tasks are time-consuming and as they are used foor the first time-difficult to plan), introducing new tools (first I have to explain how to use them, students are  usually not very familiar with apps), rare examples of misbehaviour on the side of the students (e.g. once they gave the class link to Answer.Garden to a person outside the class and we had to deal with a stream of abusive comments by the person-such things sometimes occur,so we should pay special attention to e-safety.

Module 1: Things to remember/try/learn:

Both Tackk and Sway have been found by me thanks to the course colleagues' posts - they are the apps which I feel are worth trying.I want to explore Edmodo ,either.

Module 2
Using tablets for content creation

Module  2
My answers to questions 1-2

1. An idea for a piece of content with a purpose beyond the classroom - mini-lessons of the target language culture to be shared with eTwinning/Erasmus + /school exchange partners created in the application(s) of my students' choice.

2. My example for a content creation project in the classroom: My Thinglink lesson on St. Valentine's Day:

Module 2: Things to remember/try/learn:

How to create content - planning first!

Module 3
Using tablets
for collaborative learning

Module 3 My answers to questions 1-3

1. How do you form groups of students for group work and why do you take this approach? - Either by giving the class free choice or using a simple, quick app (like Team Maker) automatically generating groups. My groups are hardly ever bigger than 3 or 4 students.Both strategies of forming groups work well provided the task is interesting for the students.

2. How do you keep your students focused and on track during collaborative projects? I always set a time limit and try to prepare the task /project thoroughly, so the instructions are clear for the students. As the groups are small-all the students have to contribute and they do it willingly if only the task is interesting enough. Of course, I make sure all distracting applications are disabled on class tablets. Below you will find my eTwinning project  video diaries 2010-2015 (students from Poland and the Czech Republic were working in pairs or small groups in the "pre-tablet era"; these days we are doing an eTwinning Plus project with partners from Tunisia, the Czech Republic and Moldova)  and examples of our classroom tasks done this year in the "brand-new-tablet era" - playing student-made Kahoots in class 2014-2015 and QR hunt we prepared for the European Day of Languages 2014

eTwinning-video diary part 1 2012-2013

eTwinning-video diary part 2 2014-2015

eTwinning "Safetiquette" Prezi presentation with the main product-Internet Safety Voki Animated Leaflet

Kahoots made for students by students - Viva Video film

QR Apps/Webpages Hunt - Viva Video film

3. What strategies have you used to assess group work? I use peer-assessment (students and the teacher vote for the best group product or the group leader awards points for the best member's work-the teacher marks it as "Lesson activity plus" to be summed up at the end of the term). Sometimes the task itself is a kind of reward-my students love tablet lessons. Asssessing group work is pretty difficult, though. In the future I am planning to use Streamago - hope it will make me better in assessment tasks.

Module 3: Things to remember/try/learn:

Wonderful browser assistant - shared by a colleague

Actionbound - Have to try it-looks stunning!

An example of an Actionbound game

Learning scenarios-a short revision by my course colleauge

Streamago-might be useful for group work assessment, I think.Provided all students agree to be recorded while working...

Some useful tips on group work assessment shared by a colleague

Module 4
Using tablets
for personalising learning
& flipping the classroom

Module 4
My Lesson Plan - Learning Designer:

"School-leaving  mock English oral exam-tablet as the examiner" - Pearltrees collection of materials we produced while working on the project

Module 4 : Things to remember/try/learn:

The general idea of flipped classroom

Five important things to remember when flipping the classroom

Lesson planning tool - Learning Designer

Aurasma - worth trying!

Socrative - tried while on course in Future Classroom Lab/Brussels 2015 - to be mastered!

New presentation tool-good for flipping the classroom

Power League - for voting and debating - try it in the classroom


Please note the fact that
this Learning Diary has been
my first trial of Tackk using.

It has been totally made with my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.

All apps & websites
mentioned here are 100%
Android tablet-friendly!


My big thanks to Anna Laghigna , the course colleague who has shown Tackk to me!

My European Schoolnet Academy badges

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