Using Images In The Classroom

Describe photo using Divide and Conquer Words

Students will use words from their vocabulary list to describe the above picture.

What happened to Mrs. Ruley?

Students came in to find this writing prompt on the board.  They got a huge kick out of it and came up with some really great stories.  My favorite was that someone told me there was no coffee!!!!ik,,67

Picture to invoke class discussion

This photo was used in class to invoke discussion about a critical point in the story.  Students had to explain the importance of the image and how it connects to the theme of the story.

MLA Style Check

The above photo is for students to think through what is necessary to meet MLA style requirements.

The Giver photo prompt

The above photo was used with my class as a writing prompt for the book The Giver.  Students had to write from Jonas point of view of being able to see color for the first time.   Jonas was only able to see little bits of color in the beginning of his visions.

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