Fair use

follow the law

You have to have permission from owner because without their permission you could end up in jail for stealing because of your decisions of not following the law


writer to copy their work or iyou have to get permission from the original ts a crime

hacking is a very big crime you could know alot of things by hacking in someones phone,computer,tablet or anything you shouldnt do it


you do all these things with the music books and others but its not urs it can be on your phone but its still not yours dont say its yours.

Intellectual Property

dont make copys of movies or cds if you dont have permission copying someone leses work wiyhout permissin is a crime.



Dont  copy somebody elses work to make it look like your own thats a crime.

you can print or make copys any time but if it has a copyright you would have togo to the people and have permission to make any more copys


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