Tropical Rain Forest

The tropical rain forest is located near the equator.

The rain forest has many different features. The amazon is one of closest tropical rain forest. You may want to avoid the logging teams.

The tropical rain forest is beautiful too. The terrain is very uneven and is very steep so bring your hiking boots.

The tropical rain forest has many tall trees and water falls. Plus look at this canopy. Every time you look up you will see this.

Tropical Rain forest are characterized by the greatest diversity of species. Including Toucans, Frogs, Butterflies, and Cheetahs.

The Tropical Rain forest has some poisonous animal species. Like brightly colored frogs. You can't miss them.

Tropical Rain forest are home to many primates. Including Chimpanzees so get your camera ready.

In the Tropical Rain forest there are all kinds of insects. That are very unique.

While you are in the Tropical rain forest watch closely for beautiful animals like butterflies, Lady bugs, and parrots.

Plants need to shed water to avoid growth of fungus and bacteria in the warm, wet tropical forest.

Prop and stilt roots help give support and are characteristic of tropical palms growing in shallow, wet soils.

Plant products like coffee, chocolate, rice, spices, and gums.

The future will require more appropriate means of extracting plants or their products if we are not to lose the many thousands of other tropical species holding genetic "blue prints" important to our future.

The leaves in the rain forest have adapted to cape with unusually high rainfall.

In the tropical rain forest it rains over half of the year.

In the tropical rain forest it is very hot. You need to bring you shorts and gym shirts.

There are very bad thunderstorms sometimes in the rain forest

There are no dry seasons in the rain forest

There is mostly 12 hours of daylight in the rain forest, which means you have plenty of time to explore.

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