Courtney Pietsch

Photography Portfolio

Beat up bush

Beat Up Bush

I took this photo for an assignment in photojournalism when we were assigned to take pictures of the different elements.


I took this photo because I like the viewpoint of the birdhouse and all the nature in the background.

Brown Grass

I took this picture picture because the viewpoint was perfect.

I took this picture because I liked how the light was shining through the gate and straight through the ladder.

Shovel It Up
I thought this picture was different because the viewpoint is different and to me it just looks cool.

Peek A Boo
I find this photo intriguing because it's different and has a weird but cool feeling to it.

I like the viewpoint and the cool look to the rocks and how close up it is.

Wagon Wheel
The rustic feel to this photo makes me happy and I think that's why I like it so much.

Hello, How are you?
I like how innocent she looks and the close up viewpoint of this photo.

I like the viewpoint from the bottom and the colors, which is the main reason I wanted to take this picture.

Wrapped Up
I took this picture because I like the red brick behind the net. I felt that it looked cool.

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