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Mythology can refer either to the study of myths or to a body or a collection of myths.

The Muses in Greek Mythology, poetry, and literature are the goddesses of the inspiration of literature, science, and the arts. They are the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. The names of the 9 daughters were Clio (History), Urania (Astronmy), Melpomene (Tragedy), Thalia (Comedy), Terpsichore (Dance), Calliope (Epic Poetry), Erato (Love Poetry), Polyhymnia (Songs to the Gods), and Euterpe (Lyric Poetry.

The Stygian Witches, also known as The Graeae (means Grey), are 3 Greek crone sisters who shared just one eye and one tooth. They are the daughters of Phorcus and Ceta. They were said to may have been bor as triplets. These sisters were grey haired from the moment of birth. They were able to pass the organ around so each could take turns seeing and eating. Their names were Deino, Pemphredo, and Enyo which means dread, alarm, and horror. Enyo appears drenched in blood but all sisters are known to be extremely wise in knowledge.

Titanian, also known as Titania, was a fictional character as "The Queen of Fairies" in Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Dream. Tianian, who oposes her husband, Oberon, resembles Hera of Greek Mythology.

Typhon who is also called Typhaon, Typheous, Typhos, and Typho is most often described as the most horrifying and powerful monster in Legend. No beast or demon was as feared by the Gods as was Typhon in Greek Mythology. He was a giant- so tall that his head touched the stars. Typhon had a torso of a man, but each leg was an enormus viper coil that writhed and hissed as he moved. His main head that hosted 100 snakes heads which screamed the signs of various animals. He also had glowing red eyes and a savage jaw that breathed fire. He had hundreds of wings all over his body and instead og 10 fingers his hands were made of deadly serpents. Typhon was married to Echidna and bore horrifying creatures. He also was a God - last child of Earth and Tartanus(violent and bottomless storm pit).

Briareas, also called Aegaeon, was one of the three 100 armed, 50 headed Hecatoncheires. He was the sons of the deities Uranus(Heaven) and Gae(Earth). It is said that God called him Brireas and humans called him Aegaeon.

Aonian Mount is Mount Helicon. This mount is the sacred home of the Muses.

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