It's me! Allison!

This is me and my nugget sister, Olivia. I would basically say that she is my mini me, but much, MUCH cooler.

BORN AUGUST 23, 1994
Atlanta, Ga
8 lbs, 6 oz

My Childhood

- Shy

- Obviously super attractive

- Glasses, braces, trombone, SPANISH OFFICIONADO?!

School is for Fools

And I was a fool. I seriously was obsessed with school. I was a self proclaimed nerd, but that was fine with me. I was also a cheerleader and in all the school plays.

Choosing Clemson

Small town school, big school feel. best 25 seconds of college football. DOES IT GET BETTER? i would venture to say no.

My College Experience
Mock Turtle Soup
Best Friends
Barnett Hall

My parents run a summer camp called Camp Lighthouse. I was a camp director and coordinator for the last two summers, but this summer will be a new adventure....


I chose teaching because...
I would not be happy doing anything else! Love the kids, love the learning!

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