My Legacy
By: Kaitlyn 8B4

Agog, very eager or curious to hear or see something. You wake up, you are curious about what your day would be like. You're at school, you are curious about your mark in math. You go to bed, you are curious about the next day and how good it would be. Being agog is like being open minded, always asking questions and searching for answers. Being agog is when your brain is always active, you are curious about everything that happens in every minute of every day. This is like me I am always curious, their is never a minute that I am not curious. I know I am agog when I see my friends whispering and I don't know what they are whispering about or if they are talking about me. I am also agog because right when I finish a test or a project I am always curious about what my mark is, if I did bad or good. Christopher Columbus' life was made up of curiosity. It led him to the discovery of the new world. Christopher Columbus' curiosity is the reason why he is famous today and no matter how many years go by, he will never be forgotten. Being agog will help me in the future because in any occupation you want to be curious. If I was in the Olympics, I would be curious about what my result would be. It is good to be curious and it would help me in the future. I am happy that I am agog. I like being curious when I wake up, when I am at school and when I go to bed.

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