First Quarter ScrapESbook
Joseph Tandyk


For my experience, I chose to spend time outdoors while at my lake house for a weekend in September. Last year, my dad purchased a garage that is about ten minutes from my lake house because of the lack of storage space we had. Along with the garage, however, came 5 acres of land which consists of a highly forested area with many trails and a small pond. Over the past year, we have put in a lot of work repairing the trails because the guy who owned the property before us never really used them. There was a lot of overgrowth so in order to be able to explore the whole property we had to cut the paths pretty much from scratch. It took a couple of months of hard work, but we were able to have an abundance of paths that allowed us to travel through the forest. Since the day we bought the land I have always enjoyed exploring it looking for different plants, animals, insects, etc. Because of this great fascination, it wasn't hard for me to spend a couple hours outdoors doing nothing but wandering through nature. It is always a new adventure when exploring because of all the different trees, plants, animals, and insects that you see that you may have never seen before. A lot of times, you may be just walking down a path when you notice an apple on the ground. You then look above you and notice an apple tree that you never noticed before. These kinds of discoveries are so intriguing to me and continue to fuel my desire explore and observe the beauty around me.

When we were given this assignment, I knew that this would be the first thing I would write about. I have always wanted to sit down and record my surroundings while sitting out here, but was never really motivated to actually do it. Now that I have the opportunity to actually get credit for it, I will gladly write about it. One of the reasons I took this class was because of my great interest in nature. I do enjoy learning about how to solve environmental problems, but I am more interested in the observation and study of plants, animals, insects, etc. It was my ultimate goal to be able to use the information learned in this class when I am out exploring nature and hopefully further my understanding of the natural world around me. Being able to recognize problems on the property, such as a scabbed apple, and know exactly what caused it. Observing the different food chains that are present and being able to create a backyard food web. Though I may not continue these studies in college, this knowledge will still be useful because I will know how to properly apply it to nature through my experiences on my property.

New energy storage project being built in California

"New energy storage project being built in California." Energy Monitor Worldwide [Amman, Jordan] 1 Oct. 2014. Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources. Web. 2 Oct. 2014.

This article is about new stroage projects that are being conducted in California. On is the new battery storage facility that is being built in Tehachapi by Southern California Edison. The facility will use be housing and using lithium-ion batteries, developed by LG Chem. The purpose behind this whole project is to become more involved in the renewable energy space. Along with project, the state is also funding the development of numerous wind, solar, etc. power projects. The state is striving for better storage solutions to ensure clean energy as a viable investment. Another project is one that involves the storage of wind energy. The Tehachapi Wind Resource Area is expected to produce nearly 4,500 megawatts of wind power every year by 2016. Much of this energy will go to waste, however, due to ineffective storage pratices. They hope this new facility will be a solution. A big factor in this whole project is the Department of Energy, through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which will provide some of the funding needed for them to start this new project. They are hopefull that this project will allow the agency to study and watch the technological capabilities of new battery technology.It will also make challenges facing the energy grid visible.

I think that the idea is great, but it will take a lot of money and time to be able to achieve it. Clean energy is something that I take much interest in. I would love to power my house and my car with solar panels or a wind mill, but these items are just too expensive. That is one of the main things that is preventing homes and vehichles from running on natural energy. Though I will cost a large sum of money, I believe the outcome is greater than the sacrifice in this case. We will never be able to store energy if we do not try. Yes it will be a lot of money due to new challenges that you will face, but all at the expense of a cleaner, healthier earth. I do not believe that this should entail government funding and immediate action, but if they can get independent funding and a few years to work, I am with it 100% of the way.

Africa Year of Agriculture and Food Security

"Africa Year of Agriculture and Food Security." Africa News Service 2 Oct. 2014. Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources. Web. 3 Oct. 2014.

This article is about a meeting that took place between The African Development Bank Group's commemoration of the Africa Year of Agriculture and Food Security, which was held on September 29, 2014. This meeting touched on the ideas of how the continent could transform substantially through agricultural, intra-regional trade, and providing good prices. Through this, they hope to ensure improvements in not only food security, but in the shared prosperity that Africa lacks. They are aware that the there is not much agricultural support in Africa, and also that women farmers in Africa play a huge role and should be made a priority. They want to preform agriculture in a new innovate way considering it almost a business in hopes that it will have a positive affect on the poverty in Africa. Though women farmers play a huge role, the youth are very important as well which is why they are trying to make it appealing to them. The event will hopefully promote agriculture as the long-term commitment to food and nutrition security. The meeting began with the group Vice-President Aly Abou-Sabaa, followed by Professor Wiseman L. Nkuhlu, Chancellor at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, who delivered the theme "Agriculture: The Green Gold of Africa". He also gave information about how poverty and chronic hunger had reached crisis proportions and must be addressed. The Development Bank's Special Envoy on Gender, Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi, expressed her opinion on the need to secure food in quantity and quality to African families, more importantly women. She quotes, "The African woman plays a prominent role. She procures water and prepares food, but is still hungry," Experts, civil society representatives, and representatives from the media had all attended this conference as well.

I believe that this is a very good idea and will not only help the people who are living in terrible poverty, but also help the economy substantially. I believe that agriculture is a very simple market that almost anyone could be successful in, yet it is still very profitable. By using this "business," they are pretty much knocking down two cans with one stone, the cans being poverty and economy. They are also making sure food has the best quality which results in a healthier society. There are negatives, however, to the situation. The main problem I see them facing is who will be in control of this "business." Will it be one continental business, or multiple individual business. With booming markets like these, it is much easier for corruption to occur and with the lack of workers rights, you know that they will be taken advantage of in some way. I do not see this as too big of a threat at the beginning of this process, just when it becomes continental that these issues may arise. Overall, I think that it is a good idea that should be executed.

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