Simply Floral

Karen Brogdon, Christine Bandela., Destiny Olvera, T Smith

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Make Every Flower Count

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Symetical Arangments

Yellow carnation arrangement:  $25.85

Red & white carnation arrangement: $19.25

Orange & purple arrangement: $29.99

Yellow roses & red lily arrangement: $25.62

Pink Lilly arrangement: $19.99

Asymetrical Arangments

Red daisy arrangement: $25.35

Pink carnations and white daisies: $20.35

Pink carnations and purple daisies: $19.99

Pink carnation:$29.88

White carnations and red daisies: $25.35

Round Arrangments

Range from: $19.99-$29.99

Cresent Arrangment

Range from: $ 15.99- 29.99

Casket Arangment

Range from: $15.99-$29.99

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