Ionic- it is a bond between metals and nonmetals, occurs when charged atoms (ions) attract after one loses one or more of its electrons, and gives it to the molecule

Example:sodium and chlorine

Characteristics: dissolvable, high melting point, not conductive as a solid, conductive as a liquid and dissolved

Ionic Bonds

Covenant Bonds

Covenant- it is a bond between a nonmetal and a nonmetal, that involves the sharing of electron pairs between atoms, the stable balance of attractive and repulsive forces between atoms

Characteristics: sometimes undissolvable, low mention point, not conductive ever

Examples: hydrogen and nitrogen


Metallic- reaction between two metals, electrostatic attraction between the positively charged atomic nuclei of metal atoms and the delocolized (detached or removed) electrons in the metal. Positive atomic nuclei (+) surrounded by delocalised electrons

Characteristics- shiny, doesn't dissolve, high melting point, always conductive

Examples:gold or aluminum, or alloys, such as brass or bronze

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