Manufactured Fibers:

By:Pilar Pusey


Polyester is made from Coal or Petroleum.

  • The Characteristics of Polyester:*Polyester Easy to care for*Great Washability*Static buildup*Peels easily*Stretch and shrink resistant.
  • The Common Uses of Polyester:*Children's wear,Shirts,suits.

Natural Fiber:


  • The Characteristics of Acrylic:*Resembles Wool*Soft & Warm*Wrinkle Resistant*Strong.
  • The Common Uses of Acrylic:*Bathrobes*Knitted Garments*Terrycloth.

Natural Fiber:


  • The Characteristics of Spandex:*Spandex is known for it's ability to stretch*Spandex is easily damaged by Chlorine Bleach*Lotion,Oil,Sun and Perspiration Resistant*Soft lightweight*Durable.
  • The Common Uses of Spandex:*Swimwear*Dance Wear*Exercise.

Natural Fiber:


  • The Characteristics of Rayon:*Soft absorbant & comfortable*Inexpensive*Stretches and is weak when wet.
  • The Common Uses of Rayon:*Lining*Sports Shirts*Jackets

Natural Fiber:


  • The Characteristics of Nylon:*First fiber to be manufactured totally from chemicals*Strong, durable, elastic*Dries quickly*Resists wrinkles and soil*Washes easily*Heat sensitive*Clings to the wearer.
  • The Common Uses of Rayon:*Hosiery*Swimwear* Windbreakers.

Natural Fiber:


  • The Characteristics of Acetate:*Very versatile*Inexpensive and easy to dye*Silky, luxurious*Deep luster, soft*Wrinkles easily*Special care needed in cleaning.
  • The Common Uses of Acetate:*Neckties*Lingerie*Blouses*Linings.

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