Lead Healthy Digital Lives

Educate your child on the importance of leading a healthy digital life.

What is Digital Literacy?

Digital Literacy is the process of learning and teaching about technology and how to properly use it. While living in a technical era it is important for your children to know the how to use technology in a genuine manner. Many children who are not educated on technology are less careful while using the internet and are more likely to make bad decisions in what they post.

  • It is important for your children to know how to properly use a search engine; this is essential during your child's educational career where he or she will be forced to research a variety of topics, knowing how to properly search for information will facilitate the way they access the information. You can teach you child that while doing an engine search he/ she are able to use the minus sign to avoid undesired information.
  • It is also important for your children to know basic computer skills such as; file management, keyboard skills, internet usage, and how to use Microsoft programs. These skills are necessary because without knowing the basics it is rather easy for your computer to get a virus- and quite frankly- these devices can be expensive. Teaching your child to organize their files, and manage the computer's gigabytes.
  • Google-A-Day it sounds silly to say, but Google offers a program that forces people to search their engine with a proper search only after properly searching Google database can they come up with the answer and move on to the next question. This is a great way to teach you children about how to properly use a search engine.
  • Digital literacy can also help children with disabilities; it is important to teach these children to use technology in order for them to be able to communicate. The Apple company provides devises that children with disabilities may use in order to make their lives significantly easier, but these children must still be taught the proper way to use a technical device. Additional information about digital literacy is provide on the link below.

Digital Access

Digital access is how you participate within the digital society and the amount of access one has to the digital world. It is important to understand the evolution of technology to be a good digital citizen because technology is evolving rapidly and the way we access it is becoming increasingly easier. It is also important to understand digital access to understand the impact the internet has and will continue having in society.

  • I recommend that parents teach their children about the digital divide and the importance that the internet has on the world today. Digital divide is the amount of people with digital technology access and the amount of people who don't have access so that they fully understand the meaning of digital access while acknowledging those who do not take part in our electronic society. There is a link at the bottom of this section that will help you and your children understand what digital divide is.
  • The computer Watson was built as an experiment, he was built to play jeopardy. Watson is the perfect example of technology within the community because he was built within a community of people who's many goal and objective was to have Watson play jeopardy. While teaching you kids about Watson it is important to note to them that in many aspects technology brings people together.
  • Watson is also thought to be able to have a different purpose in the future. Watson will be able to help diagnose people with sicknesses, and help doctors with research and clinical studies. This all comes to show how important digital access is because without it people are not exposed to these medical and technological advantages.
  • Inform your children about the endless possibilities that digital access provides them with. It is important for children to understand that technology is not only for entertainment but can also be used for the benefit of the community.

Digital Health and Wellness

Digital health and wellness is the psychological and physical state of health we are in when in contact with the digital world. Digital health and wellness is extremely important, in my opinion the most important. Ones health should always be above all and health when using technology is usually but to the side. It is important to use the internet with moderation in order for one not to become addicted and have a health state of mind. I also think it is important to give our body the care it needs.

  • People tend to stare into their screen and strain their eyes, hunch their back and have severe back pain, and get carpal tunnel in their wrists for not taking proper care of themselves while uses a computer, and can lead to serious health problems. It is important to teach your child how to position themselves when using a computer, laptop or any electronic device.
  • Technology has been shown to affect us psychologically, it is for this reason that you must teach your child digital literacy, so that they will know how to properly use the internet and have digital health and wellness.
  • Technology dependence is increasing rapidly within the younger generations because they have grown up in the era of technology, but it is important to show are children not to depend on technology because students no longer think for themselves. A way you can avoid your children becoming dependent on technology is to force to use other sources as well such as a library if doing research.
  • Avoid internet addiction in your children by simply giving them an amount of time where they are allowed to use the internet, children must be exposed to much more than just the virtual world because it will affect the relationships they build in the future because they are so use to sitting behind the a computer screen. The link below that can help you and your children avoid becoming internet addicts.

Digital Law

Digital law, just like in an society exists to stop theft. Digital law is the electronic form of governmental law where one accepts responsibility for actions and deeds. It is important to know the digital laws because ignorance is not a valid argument. It is important to know the rights you have and the rules you must follow.

  • The copyright rules are the rights that the creator or developer of a digital work has, and the penalties to those who violate the rights of the creators. Inform your children about the copyright law because these laws must be followed, and have serious consequences when broken. You may teach you children the laws of copyright with the link below.
  • The Fair-Use property are the rights of the public to use copyrighted work while creating their own work. Inform your children about the rights that they are entitled to, and how they may properly use other peoples work.
  • It is also fairly important to know who are making the laws you must follow, inform your children about their government at an early age. There are two types of laws, international and national, they are made by the U.S. Congress, and World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO)
  • Informing your children about SOPA/PIPA is also important, these two organizations. The Stop Online Piracy Act was passed to prevent piracy, and the Protect IP Act was passed to prevent online theft of intellectual and creative work. Inform your children on the acts which prevent them from doing things they shouldn't do so that they will learn to use the internet properly.

Digital Commerce

Digital commerce is way stores extended their arms to customers who were unable to access one of their store locations, it is a way of buying and selling goods through the online database. This method of marketing is important because it revolutionized the way we shop, many people stopped going to the stores and started shopping from the comfort of their own home. Digital commerce changed the perspective people had towards shopping, and the reviews people posted on the websites gave customers an idea of what they were going to be paying for.

  • It is important to teach your child how to identify a well written review, this is important so that they know what they are ordering.
  • Teach your children how to write reviews on the products they purchase so that others know what they are purchasing, whether its a good review or a negative review, teach your children to be detailed while writing the reviews so that others know exactly what they are buying, many even add in something they thought other reviews should have had. You can teach you children how to write a good review with the link below.
  • The most important thing to teach your children about digital commerce is to be extremely cautious when buying things online because it is easy for your information to leak if the website you are buying off of does not have the security they should have. Always tell your children that the website they buy off of must have a lock before the url and the url must start with HTTPS, if their is no s, it is very likely that your information is not secure.
  • Marketing and advertising is very tricky, they make things look appealing to people this is why it is important to evaluate reviews and evaluate the product you or your child are about to purchase.

Digital Security

Digital security are precautions people should take to guarantee their safety. It is important to protect yourself and your children in the digital world as well, people are constantly trying to steal identities, specially those of children. It is important to take precaution and protect yourself and your family to the best of your ability.

  • It is important to create and maintain a strong passwords, strong passwords are usually long, have a variety of characters, and are easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. Having a strong password can prevent a variety of thefts, teach your children to have strong passwords by giving them the advice which has been provided, their is also additional information of the link below.
  • Identity theft is very common, but it is become much more common within children. Thieves are stealing the identity of children because many parents do care to check their child's account, and because the child's account and credit is completely clean. Check your child's credit, and protect it as you protect yours.
  • You child should also be careful on what they post on digital media because if any inappropriate images or posts; their digital image can be damaged permanently, share this information with your children because they might not be aware of what their digital image can do.
  • You child should have a digital footprint, but it should be a good one. Teach your children to use the internet properly so that their footprint is seen positive by society.

Digital Communication

Digital Communication is the electronic exchange of information your child has with other people via the internet. It is important that your child does not use this communication in an improper manner because it can create problems which could be avoided. Digital communication although it brings us together while far away, can make things awkward.

  • Online communication tends to be easier for people than face to face communication, encourage your children to go out with their friends so that he does not develop all relationships online. You can find more information about digital friends on the following link below.
  • Once someone only develops relationships online it is harder to maintain realistic relationships, encourage your child to go out and maintain relationships, it is very important for their psychological well being.
  • The social network and society are completely different do to the fact that one is done behind a screen and the other in real life, people using digital media such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are influencing these to become one, but social network is only a part of society lets not let it be entirely who we are, preach this to your children so that they do not become internet addicts.
  • Child abusers also use digital communication be able to gain contact with your children information your children about privacy settings and how they can avoid these type of people. Your children can avoid danger by not accepting friend requests from people they don't know, and be well aware of who they are friends with on digital media.

Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette is your conduct while using digital media. It is important to carry yourself in a good manner while using the internet because everything which is sent out is permanent.

  • Remind your children that it is important to have appropriate conversations with the people they talk to. You can teach them more about digital etiquette through the link below.
  • Let's say for instance that your child is cyber bullying somebody, the person could print the messages and report your child, remind them that everything that is online never goes away. I advice that you read the following article...

Digital Rights and Responsibilities

Digital rights and responsibilities are freedoms given to everyone who is part of the digital world. It is important to have these rights but also to use them wisely, we have access to many things online, but we must act responsibly and act in a civil manner.

  • Copyright as mentioned before are rights given to the creators of original work, and it is our responsibility to respect their rights. Preach to your children to obey the copyright laws.
  • Advocate to your children to be responsible online, and to know right from wrong, and know what they can and cannot do: this can be done through the process of learning these categories. More information about the digital rights your children have as students can be found on the link below.

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