Multiple Alleles

Multiple ALleles

Facts about multiple Alleles

  • Multiple alleles is a type of non-Mendelian Inheritance that involves more than just the typical two alleles that usually code for a certain characteristic in a species.
  • Gregor Mendel used pea plants for his study.
  • With multiple alleles, that means there is more than two phenotypes available depending on the dominant or recessive alleles.
  • They are responsible for differences in phenotypic expression of a given trait.
  • They also determine the way we look.


Facts about Dwarfism

  • Dwarfism is a term applied broadly to a number of conditions resulting in unusually short stature.
  • 70% of the cases of dwarfism are attributed to achondroplasia. This is an autosomal dominant disorder that is caused due to presence of an abnormal allele in the genome.
  • Dwarfism can be diagnosed before and after you are born.


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