Apex Visas- Building Professions with Specialized Visa Services like H1B Visa

The aspiration to work in the world’s largest economy, the United States of America (USA) resides in the hearts of many. Apex Visas, with its specialized visa services, continually strives to fulfill this aspiration of several capable individuals and enables them to realize their professional objectives. For the purpose of an employment-based migration to the US, it is prerequisite for one to hold a H1B Visa, which comes under the division of non-immigrant visa for the provisional workers. An applicant for the said visa must have a job offer from a US employer, who must also facilitate his H1B visa petition with the department of Immigration in US. Once this petition stands approved, it acts like a work permit for the employee, allowing him to acquire a visa stamp and consequently, work for the US employer in question.

Usually, the H1B visa is allotted by the government for an occupation of a special nature, involving theoretical and practical application of a branch of specialized knowledge and also, makes it a mandate for the visa holder to at least hold a bachelors degree or equivalent. If not the degree, one must possess a minimum work experience of 12 years or an adequate blend of further education and work experience. There is also a cap on the number of H1B visas given to foreign nationals each year, which is generally around a respectable figure of 65,000. Of course, there are other additions to this quota as well corresponding to a higher education or a relatively more prestigious degree held by some.

The permissible span of time the visa allows an individual to stay is three years, stretchable to a maximum of six years, an exception to which can only be under extremely rare situations. Visa holders, who wish to continue work in the US post the period of six years, without having acquired permanent residency, are required to stay outside the country for a year before being eligible to reapply for another H1B visa. However, there is no such boundation to be associated with the same employer one originally came to work with, for the entire tenure the visa provides. If another employer is willing to sponsor the new H1B visa, then it can be done without a problem and is referred to as visa transfer. The competent team of professionals at Apex visas understands all these specifications and their smooth functioning provides a hassle-free episode to support people move swiftly towards their goals.