What are U-Boats?
J.J. Hyatt and #swaggy Sam

U-Boats are submarines, as a result  they helped a lot fighting  in the war under or on the water. We first used  U-Boatsin 1914, and then stopped using them in 1918. The U in U-Boat means unterboot in German, and undersea boat in English. U-Boats are a submarine, but they can easily go down based on their structure and size.

What affect did the U-Boats have on the war?

The U-Boats helped a lot in the war fighting underwater. They had an human torpedo that shot out 2 people that had to guide the torpedo to its target. The men Had to ride the torpedo, and when they got to their target they went off the torpedo and onto the side of the ship and attacked. U-Boats can go down underwater, but can only go down about 1,000 feet. U-Boats can hold about 12 men.U-Boats were very dangerous, and if they got a bad attack the whole thing is doing down. The Germans were the first ones to use U-Boats in WWI. U-Boats were a good effect on the war, but we lost about 5,000 brave men in battle while using a U-Boat.

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