Mobile Learning in a Classroom

Edu 210 - Module 9


In this module we had to select at least 5 mobile apps that could be used in a K-12 classroom. Below are a list of iOS apps I chose that would be great to integrate into the classroom.

1) Rocket Math

What is this? The main idea of Rocket Math is to build a rocket and launch it into space. In order to build and launch a rocket students need to complete math problems to receive coins so you can buy accessories for your rocket. Some great features to this app is that you can chose the math level (easy, medium, hard), the equation type (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), and a scribble pad is provided to write out the more challenging math problems.

How can it be used? It can be used for student to increase their knowledge of math because of its scaffolding aspect. Students repeat similar math problems over and over again until they understand them which increases student learning.

2) Grammar Jammers Primary

What is this? Grammar Jammers Primary teaches many of he grammar concepts that are taught in school. This app teaches about contractions, adjective, nouns, pronouns, etc.

How can it be used? It can be used to strengthen student grammar knowledge which is important for everyday life. With students spending a lot of time of social networking sites their grammar seems to lack the proper grammatical structures such as using "u" when they should be using the full word "you." This app helps students strengthen their grammar skills and can be used during English Language Arts classes as a fun way to integrate the basics of grammar.

3) Videolicious

What is this? Videolicious is an app that allows you to make/produce short, narrated videos about anything you want. A major positive thing about this app is that it is free! And it is simple enough for young children (perhaps with help of an adult) o be able to use and have fun with.

How can it be used? It can be used in any class because of the endless possibilities it provides. Students have the opportunity to be as creative as they want when creating these videos. This app could be used in social, science, and especially English Language Arts classes to make videos pertaining to the topic being studied.

4) World's Book World of Animals

What is this? This app provides a lot of information about many different animals from around the world. It was created by the World Book Encyclopedia therefore it would be a credible source for students to use. It offers great information, as well as some interesting facts about the animals that is being looked at.

How can it be used? When I was in Grade 4, my teacher gave us an assignment where we had to pick an animal from a big list and then write about all the characteristics of that certain animal. Doing a similar project like that in a classroom would be a great way to use this app in the classroom. One modification I would make would be to have the students select their own animal, this way they could research a few animals and learn about them instead of focusing on one main animal.

5) SkySafari 3 Southern Stars

What is this? SkySafari 3 is an app that allows you to locate stars, nebula, planets and galaxies that are visible in the night sky. It uses GPA technology to help you locate what is visible in the sky.

How can it be used? It can be used for learning about astronomy and initiating discussions in the classroom by having students talk about their findings. Students can become more involved in learning outside of the classroom with the help of this app because it encourages them to explore what is in the sky.

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